Designing a Polar Climate Research Vehicle

Tales of Success: Polar climate vehicle
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Hans Jörg Bayer - Director TurboCAD Training Center... worked closely with the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven (AWI), on the development of a completely new, flying measuring platform known as MANTAS (Maneuverable Active New Towed Atmospheric System). It is an aircraft towed research vehicle capable of making observations and measurements, for operation above a wide variety of geographic locations including arctic and oceanic environments.

Scientific applications include: Ship emission measurements, measurements of trace gases and turbulence in the Planetary Boundary Layer, measurements of low clouds in mountainous regions and their effects, and biological measurements in coastal and oceanic zones.

Commercial applications include: Search and Rescue (SAR) operation in complex terrain, detection of sea pollution, measurement of volcanic, biomass burn plumes or exhaust plumes from industrial accidents, monitoring radiation from nuclear accidents, and helping in regional land mine detection programs.

The TurboCAD Training Center was tasked with the design of the measuring platform itself. For this TurboCAD Pro Platinum software was chosen. Its versatility and ease of use made it the perfect CAD solution for producing the design and detailing the construction processes for the MANTAS towed research vehicle. The final design of this new towed drag body met all set performance parameters and conformed to the needs of the program. Thanks TurboCAD!

View Hans Jörg Bayer's work on the MANTAS Project at: TurboCAD Training Center MANTAS Project

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