Design with a View

Tales of Success: Design with a View
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Brian St. John-Mosse has been involved in design... and build projects since 1971 when he started his carpentry apprenticeship at age 15. Brian first became aware of TurboCAD when he was browsing through woodworking videos on YouTube! He has been using TurboCAD Pro since v18 to do woodworking and interior design. His Bahamas-based business, Newleaf Interiors, designs outdoor structures such as cabanas and carports, as well as interior designs for businesses such as banks, hospitals and restaurants.

Well, Brian particularly likes how the UI (User Interface) in TurboCAD can be customized to meet his drawing needs and workflow. He believes this has greatly sped up his design process, and in doing so, it has meant he’s able to turn around work to his customers much more efficiently. Thanks TurboCAD!

View more of Brian's work at: Newleaf Interior Facebook page and Newleaf home page

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