Making a Steam Engine

Tales of Success: Making Steam
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Bob Holme is a machinist and long-time TurboCAD user... who really likes using it for designing models. Well, Back in 2007, he began redrafting historical engine plans and drawings. Many of these documents contained errors that weren't discovered until various engine parts for his models were cast, thereby making these expensive castings useless. Bob had always used TurboCAD to draft 2D plans, but then he began creating 3D models. He knew these 3D models would be a good way to show errors in the original designs which weren't visible in the 2D drafts. Bob credits TurboCAD 2D & 3D CAD Fundamentals training products for helping him to quickly become proficient with his application. Thanks TurboCAD!

Bob also serves as moderator of the Model Engine Maker online community ( The model engine design shown here is a Corliss steam engine. It was collaboratively created by members of MEM. It can be made from bar stock and is capable of being developed from a basic working model into a fully developed governed engine capable of operating on compressed air or steam.
See detailed photos* of the model Corliss steam engine online.

*The model shown in the photographs was built by Arnold Bosch of Namibia.

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