Creating the Perfect Camera Bracket

Tales of Success: The Fine Print
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My buddies and I decided... after wasting a bunch of time trying to run down that perfect camera bracket my crew needed to finish our extreme video project, well, it just didn’t exist. So that’s when we decided to design and manufacture it ourselves. We decided to use TurboCAD as our design software because it had the perfect learning curve and the power we needed to get it all done right. Using TurboCAD we began to prototype our designs on a new state-of-the-art MakerBot 3D printer... and you know what? Our radical camera bracket worked even better than we imagined! Then our friends told us, ‘Hey! We want one of those brackets too!' Well, that’s when we went into business for ourselves and started 'RAD Brackets Ltd'. I guess that's what we get for working with the 'fine print'! Thanks for TurboCAD and our 3D printer!

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