IMSI Design Releases DesignCAD 2019

                                                                        IMSI DESIGN RELEASES NEW DESIGNCAD 2019

                           Extensive File Filter enhancements and expanded 3D Printing capabilities are the focus of the latest release

 NOVATO, Calif., June 01, 2019 – IMSI® Design, the developer of TurboCAD, #1 best-selling CAD in retail, today announced its latest upgrade to its DesignCAD family of products. 

“DesignCAD 2019 offers significant interoperability enhancements, particularly in the support of 3D modeling and printing” stated Bob Mayer, President of IMSI Design. “Of course, we’ve also updated our compatibility with AutoCAD® DWG files and have expanded support of 2D PDF files as well,” added Mayer.

 DesignCAD 3D MAX 2019’s new and improved features include:

  • 3D Print Check Tool – This new tool determines if an (exported STL) mesh is 3D printable or not. The result is based on the common tests used for 3D printability. General Information provided includes:  Number of Facets, Number of Edges, Min XYZ/Max XYZ extents, Length, Width, Height, Maximum Length, and Minimum Length.  This tool checks a part for common topological errors such as: non- manifold edges duplicated and collapsed facets, open edges, shells, Normal orientation and more.
  • 2D PDF Import PDF compatibility has been expanded to now include 2D PDF (vector) file import.  Previously, only 2D file export was supported. 
  • 3MF File Import and Export – 3MF is a new 3D printing format that allows design applications to send full-fidelity 3D models to a mix of other applications, platforms, services and printers. 3MF is an XML-based data format – human-readable compressed XML — that includes definitions for data related to 3D manufacturing, including third-party extensibility for custom data.
  • FBX Import and Export – FBX, Film Box, a popular 3D file format is one of the main 3D exchange formats as used by many 3D tools used in Digital content creation DesignCAD 2019.
  • AutoCAD 2019 Import/Export Support - DesignCAD 2019 is able to both import and export DWG and DXF files in AutoCAD 2019.


Availability and Pricing

DesignCAD 3D Max 2019 has an SRP of $129.99, DesignCAD 2D has an SRP of 59.99.Both are now available from the IMSIDesign company websites – and    Upgrades are available to owners of DesignCAD 3D Max versions for as little as $69.99.

For more information, please visit  or or call 1.800.833.8082 (+1.415.483.8000). 

 About IMSI Design

IMSI Design is a pioneer in mobile solutions for the AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction) industry and the global leader in retail CAD (Computer Aided Design). With over 16 million products distributed since 1988, IMSI Design products include the award-winning TurboCAD®, DesignCAD™,  TurboFloorPlan™ , and TurboSite® families of precision design applications for mobile and desktop.


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