TurboCAD Change Logs

TurboCAD 2018.5 Change Log:

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    Change Log Item
    1New Feature .3MF Export Functionality.
    2Improvement2D Geometric Parameters enhancement.
    3ImprovementKeyboard Report Enhancement. Search option, String ID.
    4ImprovementRequirement for a new checkbox in TurboCAD
    5ImprovementConstruction lines should not delete with isolation command
    6ImprovementTCMap X/Y Size issue issue
    7New Feature SKP filter: support the latest SKP file format (2018)
    8ImprovementCopying the drawing from "Metric" to "English" breaks the part tree:
    9ImprovementCutting plane enhancement.
    10ImprovementSheet metal: Flange Sheet improvement
    11ImprovementIn the existing functionality the transform tool does not respond to otho snap mode.
    12ImprovementReset All Button in UI Theme Dialog Box
    13ImprovementImprovement performance for architectural  objects
    14ImprovementLightWorks. Using geo-location data for calculation of direction of sky and sun
    15ImprovementImproving converter RedSDK to LightWorks
    16ImprovementKeyboard. Showing custom keyboard shortcuts in local menu.
    17ImprovementKeyboard options. Report on commands.
    18ImprovementOrtho mode should work in Fence mode selection
    19ImprovementImplement the local menu option.
    20ImprovementRibbon - Missing TC Coordinate Export Palette
    21ImprovementImport pdf tool improvement - Cursor position is not define the width of pdf import result graphic. Cursor position should be lie on the line, that define width of pdf res graphic.
    22ImprovementBIM Tool allows specify spatial structure element to entity
    23BugDesigner - cadcourse config not opening from Select workspace window on startup
    25BugKeyboard Report Enhancement is not available in German and Czech builds 
    25Bugdae collada file corrupt save as selection
    26BugIssue with 'Simple Extrude' extents if pen width  > 0 
    27BugDrawing Compare giving Serial Number missing error in 64bit
    28BugTurboCAD Pro Platinum 2018: Attached DGN file does not open. Program terminates
    29BugLocal menu options not functioning properly 
    30BugBug Report - Bend By Sketch  (from beta forum)
    31BugThe command line toolbar palette icon appears in the interface
    32BugTurboCAD Pro Platinum 2018: Multiple key shortcut combination assigned to a command but it does not enable the command
    33BugTurboCAD Pro Platinum 2018: Attached DWG file does not open. 
    34BugTurboCAD Pro Platinum 2018: Attached DWG file does not open. 
    35BugCan't unbend the box:
    36Bug2D Geometric Parameters doesn't work:
    37BugTC 2018. Save as TC 2016 does not save ASIC Solid
    38BugDrafting object is not saved in the .DWG format:
    39BugExtend Trial button don't show after initial trial expires
    40BugRedSDK quality render. Problem with lighting in paper space viewport 
    41BugRibbon: "Customize" window opens in ribbon interface instead of "Properties" window after clicking on commands:
    42BugCan't set "Baseline Increment" to zero in dimension styles of style manager palette:
    43BugLines are messed up after exporting the file to pdf:
    44BugException occurred after importing attached 3MF file:
    45BugTurboCAD Pro Platinum 2018: Unhandled exception occurs on opening attached .TCT file and switching to paperspace.
    46BugExcpetion occurrs on Surface Roughness:
    47BugTurboCAD Pro Platinum 2018: Attached TCW file doesn't save in DXF DWG and IGS properly. Contents are lost.
    48BugPrefix setting for pdf doesn't work regardless of what prefix is entered, "TCLayer" still winds up as the prefix:
    49BugSome local menu commands are missing in keyboard customize dialog:
    50BugError occurred after clicking on the "TurboCAD 2018 Help" link in the Windows Start window:
    51BugTurboCAD 2018 Platinum: Incorrect pen width is shown in property tool bar on selecting lines with different widths 
    52BugTurboCAD 2018 Pro Platinum: Pick Point Hatching is applied on hidden and isolated objects
    53BugDrafting palette is not working properly for ppm symbols
    54BugUE in case of clicking on Edit Drawing Luminance
    55BugTurboCAD Pro Platinum 2018: Unhandled exception occurs while trying to apply pick point hatching to wall
    56BugDatabase report "cost" field empty  
    57Bug.3MF export not working if 3D object is Surface
    58BugDimension arrowhead size not correct
    59BugHide tool stops working in case of changing place of copied objects
    60BugDesigner 2018: Unhandled exception occurs on saving attached file to DXF
    61BugTurboCAD 2018: Unhandled exception occurs on saving attached tcw file to pdf
    62BugIssue in 2D 3D Basic Training Guide 2018 and  2D Training-Guide for TurboCad 2018
    63BugApplication not going to default UI from CADcourse UI
    64BugDefault: Thick Profile and Quick Pull both tools are missing in Expert,need to include:
    65BugUE-in case of switch to ribbon in LW render mode in TC Expert
    66BugTurboCAD Designer 2018, option for CAD Course UI is missing in TurboCAD Workspace style pop up
    67BugTurboCAD Deluxe 2018, option for CAD Course UI is missing in TurboCAD Workspace style pop up
    68BugTurboCAD Expert 2018, option for CAD Course UI is missing in TurboCAD Workspace style pop up
    69BugRibbon: Nearest On Graphic snap is missing:
    70BugIncorrect DWG export/import of Datum dimension
    71Bug Edit Segment. UE occur while Editing Segment in a drawing
    72BugS-mesh. Incorrect view of 3D objects with S-mesh option if Layer 0 has line style different from Continuous.
    73BugPlatinum. UE occurs if user tries to save tcw file into pdf.
    74Bug User. Platinum. UE and Crash occur when user is trying to Unbend after 3D-Adding the two objects in the drawing.
    75BugUnhandled Exception occurred at editing a segment of Polygon with Pattern after using Undo, if the drawing contains a constrained Polygon with filleted corners and another Polygon with Pattern.
    76BugUnhandled Exception occur when Inserting Quick dimension second time after Undo the first one dimension
    77BugUnhandled Exception at selecting Slab tool in Profile editing mode.
    78BugRibbon: Pro Platinum 2018, Icon for Rendering Styles is not visible in options tab
    79BugOpening - bad position in the wall after open the drawing.
    80BugDoesn't allow for the projection snap mode to be used.
    81BugLatest CADCourse Files.
    82BugCan't Open Files Saved Back to TC2017 from TC2018.
    83BugBad materials after Saved Back to TC2017 from TC2018.
    84BugIssue in assigning normal hotkey to the local menu commands in customize keyboard window.
    85BugWhen you assign a keyboard shortcut to a local menu item, it disables or otherwise breaks any default shortcuts.
    86BugTC crash when latest TC Map plug-in is ran.
    87BugProjection appeared under stairs after saving file to .3DM format.
    88BugUE in case of .3mf export from tcw format(specific file).
    89BugIncorrect Chamfer for Double with thickness after fillet.
    90Bug"Dont Show this message.." checkbox functionality enabled in Pop-Ups.