TurboCAD 2018 New Feature Comparison

TurboCAD 2018 New & Improved FeaturesPro PlatinumExpert DeluxeDesigner
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Audit System - locate 'bad' or out-of-range objects based upon user criterion
Database Tool  - Added Update Associations to  Database Tables
Image Manager - Ability to select multiple files
Isolate Object(s)  - Isolate or Hide multiple objects in a drawing
Keyboard shortcuts - Create with Ctrl, plus one or more keys
Ribbon Interface
Search - for locating UI features in Palettes, Tool bars and Menus
Selection Info Palette - Extents Size property added
Tables -Text Rotation now supported in table cells
Text - OK and Cancel buttons added to Insert Fraction dialog box
Zoom - Diagnostic Message appears when using Zoom Commands
Circles and Ellipses; Circular and Elliptical Arcs - now separated into two, separate object types
Flatten Tool - for 3D Polylines and Splines to make flat to the Workplane
Layers - Ability to delete Construction and Constraints layers
PDF Underlay - Ability to convert an Underlay into an editable object
Pick Point Hatch - Now works with gaps in 2D Objects
Thick Profile - A new convenient way to create 2d profiles (closed objects with area) from polylines and curves.
Snap between two points - Snap to the mid-point of any 2 defined points
Trim by Entity - Use closed 2D objects to trim or cut objects
3D Points Measurement
Sheet Thicken
3D Polylines and Splines - From Local menu converts these 3D entities into 2D objects
Shelling - Sheet Thicken feature for ACIS® and non-ACIS objects to used to shell bi-directionally
Quick Pull for surfaces
BIM Tool - Edit Property Sets; specify spatial structure elements
Walls and Polylines - Relative Angle
Roof by Walls - Ability to create multiple Roof Objects
Style Manager - Ability to dynamically preview Components and Materials
SMesh (Sub-D Modeling)
Add Face
Join Coplanar Face
Split Face by Isoline
LightWorks - Now integrated into TurboCAD (no longer an optional plug-in); improved Render Styles and Environments
RedSDK - v4.3 improved Color Adjustments, Filters and Sketch Rendering; now an Optional Plug-in
Status Bar - When initiating any Rendering, Memory Usage and Rendering Time is now displayed
3DM - latest OpenNURBS toolkit supported with Rhino 5 files
3DS - Ability to import REDSDK Materials
3MF - Import/Export now supported
IFC - Expanded list of Object types for Import and Export✓ Import Only
PDF - Ability to Import 2D PDFs as a vector image
STEP - Ability to import Text attributes
U3D PDF - Export of Textures and Scene Hierarchies now supported
TurboCAD Mark-up - Support for TAP drawings with Geo-Mark