TurboCAD Change Logs

TurboCAD 2019.2 ( Change Log:

TCFM: Unhandled Exception on inserting an object.
Dimensions are disturbed when Printing to Adobe printer
TC crashes when switching workspace from LTE to default
TC crashes/throws UE when opening the attached file
Tolerance Issues
The copied objects are pasted randomly in the drawing
Cell/Table width keeps on increasing each time when user edits the cell text
In case of Trial License Upgrade Pop-ups should not be displayed.
In 2D the grid keeps moving when copy and paste objects:
Upon selecting "Enable BIM Data" warning is empty:
Application goes to not responding state after opening attached .dwg file:
TurboCAD hangs up at opening DWG file
TC throws UE when importing the attached pdf file as vector graphics
Detail section does not work with walls:
TurboCAD behaves abnormal on invoking a few commands
U3D Pdf Export is not correct:
Text changes the alignment at file opening
Crash TurboCAD wall tool in edit mode:
Unknown error on opening the attached file.
Unable to create 3 separate workplanes
Text overlap in IntelliMouse dialog
TC goes to not responding state when using PDF underlay to Objects on the attached PDF file
Buttons in Underlay Manager hide upon changing UI scale
Inspector Bar Field Size does not change by changing its field width pixels.
The attached dxf file does not open correctly in TC 2019.
UE appears in Customizing RIbbon
Construct Similar Icons changed
Incorrect curves from DWG file
BUG AEC Dimension: "Standalone Opening Center" option does not work correctly
Nothing happens upon selecting "Page Setup" in Print window
Relative Angle is missing for Arc Polyline
UE after closing Failed to save error while saving attached TCW file to DWG format
Mid 2 Point snap doesn't work as expected for 3D objects.
Offset of "Spline by fit point"
2D Boolean operation are missing in 32 bit
Remove 3DV import filter in Designer
Railing without stairs are broken
Status bar Text conflicts in Ribbon and Default
System went to not responding state after opening attached file
Wrong icon/tool in drawing setup toolbar
Crash upon opening attached file in TC 32 bit
Not possible to enter a scale manually when inserting PDF as vector graphics
An unnecessary prompt appears when changing unit to English in Page Setup Wizard
Dimension shows wrong text format when changed settings from English to Metric in Page Setup Wizard
Unsupported File Formats appearing in Designer
Page Setup Wizard - Drawing Subject has a string in language other than English
Page Setup Wizard Decimal Precision is set to "2"
Designer - Incorrect command names for 2D Boolean operations
Wrong icon for "Construct Similar" Tool in all variants
Fillet 3D missing in Professional
Deluxe-Unable to select 2D-Boolean Operations.
Deluxe- Materials can't be dragged to the object.
About Window Key is cut-off.
Print Dialog shows Empty fields.
Designer - TC hangs on selecting Microsoft Print to PDF printer and Paper size B5(JIS)
Strange Text fields in inspector bar for Edit Tool
Deluxe/Designer - Circle and Elipse are not separated in Select by Entity Type dialog box
Professional - Can not select multiple files from Open dialog box when importing pictures in the Image Manager Palette
Directory path cutoff in Summary Info for saving the crash files.
Resize colliding with ok/Cancel buttons in BIM Tool
Platinum/Deluxe: Circle/Ellipse are not separated
UE when saving drawing that contain ViewLine
Color Content in Light Properties window needs to be adjusted
UE on clicking "Update TurboCAD Edition" with no internet connection.
Can't expand "Drawings" in TC Explorer Palette 2019
Professional - TurboCAD goes to not responding state when selecting "Microsoft Print to PDF" in Print dialog
"Constraints" are missing in SI palette to define parameters
Measurement Info does not display the measurements in the unit selected.
License. TurboCAD is not asking for key on Installation after a Clean Uninstall.
3D Slice local menu option cannot be deselected once activated
Once you delete an icon in Ribbon customize, there's no way to get it back
Nothing happens upon selecting "Store Thumbnail"
Error in Program Setup
Failed to save error then Unhandled Exception upon importing attached .3DS file
Attached .dxf file can't be opened in TC 2019.5
BIM Palette has two identical icons
"Construct Similar" tool icon looks fine in Ribbon classic UI Theme but appears white in Ribbon Default UI theme
"Select by Similar" Option to search in Group & Block insertions doesn't work
Crash when saving Materials with 3DS file
LTE tool Arc_3 Points: Local Menu Option "Radius" doesn't work
Crash upon importing attached PDF file
Lights are still visible even if you turn off their visibility:
Multiple window not supported when Redsdk hardware setting is 4x
Walls are not working properly.
IFC filter improvement: import/export ppm symbols
UE accurs on selecting Plan drafting view on an Assembly created.
UE on rendering a sketchup file.
".3mf" filter is missing from open/Save dailog.
Ribbon Large/Small icon options
A new algorithm for changing the styles of ribbon icons with a lack of free space
Bending tools are not working
Exception upon selecting "Fillet Edges and Chamfer Edges" tool
UE Occurs on performing Fillet Edges.
Option to turn on/off assignment of materials to Face with color
Material list pane in "Save Materials to File" window needs to having bottom spacing.
Text Cutoff in Facet Editing Properties
Empty warning in BIM tool:
Designer: UE on applying angular dimension in the attached file
An option to bypass functionality of assigning materials to faces
UI issue in Bim Tool window
Wrong Popup when clicked on Bim Tool
Buttons riding over the PDF preview in Underlay Manager
TC Professional: Array Patterns not found in menu
UE occurs while rendering the attached file.
TC hangs/throws UE on importing an (attached) IFC file
Buttons hide beneath PDF preview in Underlay Manager.
Throws Unhandled Exception when saving a 3ds file to 3mf format
Value of tolerance gets changed
3d Snap improvement. Snap to WorkPlane intersections
TurboCAD crashes when opening a DWG file.
UE occurs while exporting to 3MF
TC Professional: TurboCAD throws an Unhandled Exception on opening the attached OBJ file
TC Professional: TurboCAD goes to Not Responding state when opening a 3MF/WRL file after saving it.
Application crashed in case of SAB export
TC Professional: 'Ruby .Net Script' and 'Toggle Ruby Console' menu commands are missing in TC Pro.
Wrong Warning Option over moving a group of a 2D and a 3D object
TurboCAD throws UE/crashes when importing any file for TC Database Report
The Open dialog of (Database) Import Report doesn't show any file type in the dropdown.
Professional-Undo/Redo don't work for revolve tool:
Render Style Palette. Combo box 'Filters' not disabled.
In 2019 when you click the drop-down list for the materials categories it appears floating in some arbitrary position in the middle of the screen.
Wood categories under the materials of gone missing
Surface Roughness display an error message Error in loading DLL
Entities misplaced when exported to SAT/SAB format
Unable to open a sat file - illegal format
Bend function doesn't recognize Boolean after bend
Insert PDF as objects does not bring in layers
TurboCAD from crushing when exploding larger views
Incorrect curve from law result
Lost status bar info (blue status bar)
2019 RedSDK - Advanced render style dialog mistake

TurboCAD 2019.1 ( Change Log:

                       Bug: PDF Tools added back to Deluxe. 

TurboCAD 2019.1 ( Change Log:

  • Sr. #
    Change Log Item
    1New Feature Assign materials to Interop Face with Color
    2New Feature FBX Texture and Materials Support
    3New Feature Add "Shape" to Select Similar filters
    4New Feature Add Support for Curves within SAT Format
    5New Feature Add Support for SAB Format
    6BugDeluxe Default/Ribbon: Exclude "Geo Mark Palette" from deluxe
    7BugTC (2019)-Deluxe -.3mf file filter is missing.
    8BugTC Professional: 'Ruby .Net Script' and 'Toggle Ruby Console' menu commands are missing in TC Pro.
    9BugPro: IFC format is missing in Export:
    10BugTurboCAD throws UE/crashes when importing any file for TC Database Report
    11BugRender Style Palette. Combo box 'Filters' not disabled.
    12BugIn 2019 when you click the drop-down list for the materials categories it appears floating in some arbitrary position in the middle of the screen.
    13BugWood categories under the materials of gone missing
    14BugPDF Insert/Underlay - Should not be in TC2019 Designer.
    15Bug2019 - Bend function doesn't recognize Boolean after bend
    16BugSAT filter doesn't import colors correctly
    17BugTurboCAD from crushing when exploding larger views
    18BugLost status bar info (blue status bar)
    19Bug2019 RedSDK - Advanced render style dialog mistake
    20BugARS RedSDK dialog mistakes:
    21Bug2019 - issue in Copy between 2 drawings ctrl + C/V
    22BugLTE mode custom toolbar UE
    23BugFrom TC beta forum: Nasty UE
    25BugInvisible lines should not be on front of visible lines in drafting palette.
    25BugPreview of Hidden Lines should not be shown in Drafting Pallete.
    26BugIssues with Facet Offset and Shell Solid
    27BugCrash in case of shell solid action
    28BugConstraints fail to save
    29BugCopy Object bring to new Drawing All Material from the Source Drawing
    30BugTCMap 2019 - Clicking tcmap icon shutdown TurboCAD
    31BugPro and Platinum confusion
    32Bug"Audo Add Constraints" grayed out:
    33BugUnhandled Exception occurs after selecting "Help" button in Spelling Options" window:
    34BugError occurs Upon writing any Text into work space and select it using select command:
    35BugMissing Org Text in Program Setup
    36BugMissing Tools in Designer 32 bit
    37BugUnhandled Exception at saving a tcw file as a PDF Adobe U3D file - TC2019 Platinum.
    38BugTC 2019 - Exclude Select By Similar from Deluxe, Designer
    39BugCopied object brings to new drawing all material from the source drawing
    40BugTouch and Event Viewer Palettes are duplicated in Ribbon UI
    41BugCut off text in Open Dialog.
    42BugWrong Calc palette name in Default UI
    43BugQuality render camera properties missing from Professional LTE