TurboCAD 2020 New Feature Comparison

TurboCAD 2020 New & Improved FeaturesPlatinumProfessionalDeluxeDesigner
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Performance, User Interface and Usability
Assignment of Materials to color faces toggle
Command Line  - User interface enhancements for 4K monitors
Selector Tool speed enhancement
Drafting Object Acceleration
GDI Redraw speed enhancement
Inspector Bar - Mathematical expressions, i.e. Add, Subtract, now work
Repeat Last Command
Ribbon Interface - Dynamic resizing of Icons and Icon descriptions; Large icon support
Selector tool Acceleration in GDI mode
Text Tool - Support of Plus (+), Minus (-),  Diameter, and Degree characters
2D  Edit Mode
3D SNAPs - Intersection of two, 2D objects lying in different work planes can be snapped to
Best Fit Circle and Line tools
Block and Group Editing Menu Bar
Constraint Animation
Drafting Palette - Ability to Select Layer Sets; Scaling of Drafting Object
Paper Space Viewport Explode
Quick Dimension - Dimension a Group of Graphics added
Section Properties - Any closed 2D graphic section properties can now be displayed
ACIS® Solid Modeling Engine - Updated to v29.0
3D Printing - The 3D Print tool now includes new Check and Repair options
Covering - Model complex shapes from 2D or 3D closed profiles
Mass Properties - Assign Materials with associated densities to computer a solid object's weight
Generate Weight Report - Generate a weight report and optionally export to a bill of materials
Select Feature or Defeature a Part 
Openings Modifier
Display of Multi-Story Houses 
Flat Shot
3MF - Import/Export of Textures
DWG/DXF -  Updated to 2020 for Import/Export
IFC - Export of PPM objects and 2D/3D Block Insertions
Professional Mechanical CAD File Formats - CATIA, Inventor, NX, Parasolid, ProE, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, VDA-FS
SAT, SAB and ASAT - Updated Import/Export of v28.0 and v29.0
SketchUp  (SKP)  - Updated to 2020 for Import/Export