TurboCAD 2021 Key Feature Comparison

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Audit System - locate 'bad' or out-of-rage objects based upon user criterion
AutoCAD®-like 2D Drafting Interface Options--
Find CommandGroupPop-upsTabs in ribbon tree
Interactive Startup: Splash Sreen
Currently Available On: allows find all position of the command
Progress meter for Interop Filters ---
Command Line with Dynamic Input Cursor--
Easy, Handle-Based Editing
Command Line - 4K monitors and dark theme support
Text Dragger - Ability to use degree, plus/minus, diamenter signs at text typing
ePack with New Intelligent File Send---
PDF Underlay Tool- 
Purge Tool---
Windows 64-bit and 32-bit Compatible Versions
Design Director - for object property management-
Layer Filters-
Layer Management
Conceptual Selector-
Confirm replace warning message - Added in warning dialogue-
Customize Ribbon Configuration
Named View Enhancements-
Reset All Button in UI Theme Dialog Box
Ribbon UI Theme Support
Ribbon Large/Small icons, available space icon sizing
Repeat Last Command
Improved 3D Snap-
Snaps: Highlight Hit Graphic improvement-
UI Scale Slider in "Customize" Dialog Box and 4K monitor support
2D Drawing, Editing and Modifying
Drafting Palette Layer Sets--
Advanced Drawing Tools (Gear, Surface Tolerance, Text along Curve)---
Drafting Palette Performance Improvements---
2D Edit Mode--
Way to insert a Point of Intersection for Dimensioning---
Mass Properties---
Section Properties---
Generate Weight Report---
Best Fit Circle-
Best Fit Line-
Openings Modifier Automatic Calculation-
Auto Numbering Feature
Paper Space Viewport Explode Improvements---
Faster Viewport Hidden Line Performance-
Drafting and Detailing Palette - create associative sections and cut planes---
2D Geometric and Dimension Constraints---
Associative Arrays and Pattern Tools--
Pattern improvements - ability to apply solid operations to all pattern elements simultaneously---
Arrow tools--
Auto Tools (for Scaling, Sizing, Positioning, Rotating, and Movement)
Bezier and Fair Curves
Centerline and Center Mark
Hatch Pattern Creator & Gradient Fills--
Smart and Quick Dimension Tools
Relative Angle Field
Angular dimension tool improvement
Construct Similar
Highlight End Points
Improved Inspector Bar functionality.
Open/Close property for Polyline
PDF /Insert/Underlay - New for TurboCAD Deluxe and Designer
Pick Point Hatch Improvement
Remove Overlapping Entities Tool
Select by Similar - Select objects with shared or similar properties--
Select by Block - Select blocks in the drawing---
Resize previews in Block palette
Mouse wheel support to scroll content of Block palette
Find block in Block palette
Part Names from Interop---
Shape filter added to Select by Similar--
Trace Tools - Trace By Point and Trace By Rectangle incorporated to 64-bit-
FlatShot (PHLV5, tcHidden)--
Constraint Animation--
Quick Dimension improvements
3D Surface Primitives-
3D Booleans - Add, Subtract, Intersection-
3D Helix-
Select Feature or Defeature Part---
Facet Editor: Copy, Delete Faces---
Facet Editor Enhancememnt: Work in Multiple Windows---
An Option to bypass functionality of assigning materials to faces---
3D Splines and Polylines-
Extrude (simple)-
Assembly Tools-
Advanced Blending Functionality---
Slot Tools-
3D Patterns from Compound Profiles---
Mirror Copy Tool for 3D Objects-
3D Slice by Facet---
ACIS® Faceter Surface Tolerance---
Extrude Improvement - Surface extrude for flat 3D polylines or 3D curves-
Fillet Edges (blend) tool improvements---
Flange Sheet improvement---
Unbend Tool improvement---
Advanced Cover/Guides---
3D Print Repair Tool-
Part Tree/History Tree---
ACIS® Solid Modeling---
Thread tool---
Stretch Entity---
Extract Entity---
Push/Pull Tool---
Imprint improvement: Uses block insertion as a 2d contour---
Law Tools - Curve from Law; Surface with Laws; Offset with Law; Warp Entity by Law---
NURBS Support---
Sheet Metal Tools (bend and unbend, flange, gusset and rib)---
Smooth Surface Meshes (SMesh)---
Tweak Face and Revolve Face---
Twist Entity---
Twisted Extrude, Extrude to Face Tools---
House Builder Wizard-
Simple BIM via IFC SupportImport onlyLimited-
Intelligent (Parametric) Attribute-rich, Architectural Objects* 
      Walls (Self-Healing; Straight, Curved; Block Insert)-
Compound Wall Definitions / Multi-Component Walls---
      Windows & Doors-
      Muntins - for Windows & Doors---
      Slabs (Floor and Roof Slabs, now with openings)--
Schedule Tool and Wizard-
Architectural Sections and Elevations (3D-to-2D documentation)--
"Railing by Path" works for arc segment polyline---
Architectural Grid - AEC Grid
Style ManagerLimitedLimited-
Self-Trimming and Self-Aligning Blocks-
Geolocation of Drawings, Compass Rose-
"Array tools" improvement for ADT (Architectural Desktop) objects.-
BIM Tool Improvement - BIM palette for show/edit BIM data--
Removal of lines between Floors of multi-story houses-
3D Photorealistic Rendering-
Customizable Luminances and Material Libraries-
Drafting Palette Scale Improvement--
Selector Tool Performance (Drag Selection) Improvement-
Block and Group Editing Indicator Bar
Edit Selected Block--
Multithreaded faceting for render---
Visualize Hidden Line Render Mode-
Visualize Draft (Real-Time) Render with Textures-
Visualize Import Lightworks and RedSDK materials-
Visualize Anti-Aliasing-
Visualize Ambient Occlusion-
Visualize Lighting-
Visualize Support images with alpha transparency-
GDI Redraw speed improvement in case of a lot of small graphics-
Advance Rendering---
Caustics for Sun Lights-
Customizable Environments Library-
Luminance of Objects, Shadow Casting, Anti-aliasing-
OpenGL & Hidden Line Rendering-
Ray Tracing-
Render Manager-
Shared Shader Sets - support of legacy drawings-
UV Mapping - now includes SMesh Objects---
3D Mapping Tools - Face UV Representation and Surface on Face tool---
Volumetric Rendering Effects-
Dynamic Cutaway Plane---
Geo-located Sun & Physical Sky Lighting-
LightWorks 9.3-
RedSDK to Lightworks converter improvements-
New Sun and Sky shader---
Option to turn on/off assignment of materials to Face with color ---
Show Block insertion tree 
Blocks, Block Editor
Xref Support-
Load/Unload Xref performance improvement-
Automatic updating of xrefs-
Internal Database and Custom Data; External Database Connectivity--
Parametric Parts Editor for 2D and 3D parts creation and management---
Programmable SDK & Ruby Scripting (Compatible with SketchUp Ruby Scripts)---
Symbols, Part Library
Table Styles with Property Set Definitions--
Adobe 3D PDF (.U3D and .PRC) ExportU3D only--
3D Printer Support via .STL Import and Export-
AutoCAD (DXF, DWG, and DWF) File Compatibility-
Import and Open File Formats54252215
Export of Coordinate Data--
Export, Save As, and Publish File Formats34272316
Enhanced SketchUp File (SKP) Import - geometry, views, materials, components-
File Conversion Tool with Batch File Conversion---
Open and Save ASAT, SAT,IGS, STP mechanical drawings---
Open and Save 3DM (Rhino), OBJ, SHX (save only) , STP filesOBJ, SHX only--
TAP File Import - Import TurboApp files from mobile devices-
Google Earth (KML and KMZ) File Support--
Terrain Data (XYZ) File Import and Export Support--
3DM, 3DS--
3MF Filter--
Point Cloud Support (PCD, PCG, XYZ, ASC)--
SAT/SAB/IGES/STEP - Support for Interop Face Color---
DWG/DXF filter
FBX Filter - Textures and Materials support-
STL Improvement - 3D Print check-
STL Import Performance Boost (up to 10x)-
SAB Filter-
SAT Filter - Support for Curves---
ODA 21.5 for updated DWG support
Spatial InterOp (Catia V4/V5/V6, Inventor, NX 5, Parasolid, Pro/E/Creo, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, VDA-FS)---
Publish to PDF-
Export filters: VDA and CATIA---
Point Cloud Triangulation--
Subset Point Cloud--
Network License Support-
Spatial ACIS update for 28.0/29.0---