TurboCAD 2021 New Feature Comparison

UI and Usability     
Customize Ribbon Interface - 'Find' controlImproved
Automatic updating of XrefsNew-
Interactive Startup Splash ScreenNew
Snaps -  highlighting hit graphic.Improved-
Block palette - resize block previewsImproved
Mouse wheel support within the Blocks PaletteNew
Find position of a  Command in the UINew
Block palette - find Block by NameImproved
2D Drafting and Editing     
Leader dimensions for DWG filesImproved
Viewport hidden line performance using CacheImproved-
Load/Unload XrefsNew-
Direct Editing of Blocks in DrawingNew--
Select By Block CommandImproved---
3D Modeling     
Patterns with SolidsImproved---
3D Solid and Surface mapping toolsNew---
Imprint using Block insertionsImproved---
3D Rendering     
Multi-threaded faceting for renderingImproved---
Visualize Hidden Line Render ModeNew-
Visualize Rendering and LightingNew-
Visualize Import Lightworks and RedSDK materialsNew-
Visualize Anti-AliasingNew-
Visualize Ambient OcclusionNew-
Visualize LightingNew-
Visualize Support images with alpha transparencyNew-
Architecture Tools     
Railing by Path with 2D ArcImproved---
Architectural GridNew
Interoperability/Data Sharing     
Progress meter for Interop FiltersNew---
Updating to ODA 21.5 for updated DWG supportImproved
Part Names from InteropNew---
 Export VDA file formatNew---
Export CATIA file formatNew---
Publish to PDFImproved-
STL Import Performance Boost Improved-
SKP filter -updated support for SKP 2021Improved-