TurboReview New Features


The lighting-fast mobile app to review markup, highlight, and measure 2D/3D CAD and PDF documents.


Overview | New Features 

Home ViewNative Support for TCW files

Now in TurboReview 5.0 users can open files from TurbOCAD windows without any additional file conversion. All 2D geometry, TC Surface, Smesh and ADT entities are supported. 3D Solids require proxy objects to be saved with your TCW drawing.

Flat UI Theme

All icons have been redesigned using a minimalist approach. This will result in brighter icons that will be much easier to see when the app is used outside. Toolbars have been simplified and are mostly transparent further increasing the visibility of the tool icons. Menus have been redesigned with a simple theme to better match the new icons and toolbars.

Cut Plane Tools

Create views and sections to peer inside 3D models. Easily toggle these sectional views on/off.

Object Properties

Display BIM data from Revit DWFs