UI & Performance in TurboCAD Windows

Customizable User Interface & Preferences (All)

Ribbon Interface is now available. Further, User can also turn on and off only the tools you want to see as you work in a Windows-like, customizable interface.  Display tools with full explanations in Beginner mode. Switch to Intermediate or Expert mode to gain screen space as you become more familiar with the program.

AutoCAD-like 2D Drafting Options (PL, PR)

If you are an AutoCAD user, there is no need to re-learn what you already know.  TurboCAD Platinum and TurboCAD Professional offer an optional AutoCAD-like 2D drafting interface where the toolbars, palettes, menus, and icons function the same way as in AutoCAD LT.

Command Line with Dynamic Input Cursor (PL, PR)

When using AutoCAD-like 2D drafting interface, you’ll also find the command line and dynamic input at the cursor and familiar heads up display.  Common keyboard aliases and quick keys are already included too and are fully customizable. Even the ESC key works as expected.

Easy, Handle-Based Editing (All)

TurboCAD provides handles for scaling, rotating, moving and aligning objects, saving you time as you draw.  Plus, the flexible Conceptual Selector allows users to customize any visual and editing parameter in the application (eg. Move, scale, or rotate).

ePack with New Intelligent File Send (PL)

TurboCAD Platinum can collect and assemble all external resources and entities attached to a drawing into a common folder with the drawing for easy distribution, similar to AutoCAD's eTransmit feature.  ePack now includes an option to send your packaged data via email.

PDF Underlay Tool (PL, PR)

Boost productivity with the ability to import a vector PDF drawing and use it as a tracing layer with snaps.

Purge Tool (PL)

Keep your drawings clean and optimized with the Purge tool to remove unwanted and unused layers, blocks, line styles, and more.

Windows 64-bit Compatible (All)

TurboCAD can be installed as either a 32-bit or 64-bit application. The 64-bit version can access the larger amounts of RAM usually available on 64-bit systems, enabling you to create, edit, and render much larger drawings than you can with the 32-bit version.

KEY: PL= TurboCAD Platinum; PR=TurboCAD Professional; DL=TurboCAD Deluxe; All = Includes all TurboCAD Windows, including TurboCAD Designer