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TurboCAD 2023 New Features OverviewFind and Replace TextExploded ViewActive Drawing Mode HighlightingTurboLux MaterialMaterial Database3D Mapping ToolEdit Selected BlockImprint ImprovementPart NamesPattern Improvement Progress MeterYoutube VideoSelect by Block Sketch Up 2021Splash ScreenAdditional File Format SupportConstraints AnimationBest Fit Line and CircleFlat ShotPerformance ImprovementsSurface CoveringGenerate Weight ReportMass PropertiesSection PropertiesPDF UnderlaySurface Extrude ImprovementsCustomize Ribbon UISTL-3D Print CheckConstruct SimilarFillet Blend EnhancementsSelect By SimilarFlange Sheet ImprovementsUnbend Tool ImprovementsZoom Diagnostic MessageU3D Export ImprovementTrim By EntityThick Profile ToolText RotationSnap mid two pointsSheet ThickenRoof by WallsRelative AngleQuick Wall JustificationQuick Pull for SurfacePrint Preview Zoom InPick Point HatchingPDF Underlay to ObjectsMultiple Images SelectionMemory StatusKeyboard ShortcutsIsolate ObjectsImport PDF ToolFlatten ToolFindExtent Size fieldDynamic Preview of SlabDelete Construction & ConstraintCreate 2D3DS FilterIntroduction to TurboCADTurboCAD for ProfessionalsPoint Cloud ToolsArray Pattern ImprovementsExtract Entity and Imprint EdgeImprint RevolveA Quick PSA Regarding PolylinesModeling The Rover Part OneModeling the Rover Part 2Modeling the Rover Part 3Modeling the Rover Part 4Applying Mathematical Laws in TurboCAD 2016Drafting Palette Standard ViewsProperty Set DefinitionsCreating Associative Arrays with 3D Pattern ToolsUV MappilngConceptual Design and Mechanical DrawingDetailingTime to Produce & Ease of UseArchitectural Drafting & DesignAEC Grid