AnimationLab Plug-In to TurboCAD

AnimationLab version 5 plug-in owners 19, 20 ,21 and 2015 qualify for a free upgrade of their AnimationLab software whenthey upgrade to TurboCAD Pro 2015 or TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2015.

To install the AnimationLab v5 Plug-in for TurboCAD 2015, you first need your original serial number and activation code, provided with purchase. 

Next uninstall your older AnimationLab Plug-in for TurboCAD.

Finally,download one of the following, depending on whether you are running the TurboCAD 32-bit version or the TurboCAD 64-bit version

AnimationLab plug-in for TurboCAD 32-bit

AnimationLab plug-in for TurboCAD 64-bit

You will be prompted for your serial number and activation code upon installation.