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U3D Export ImprovementTrim By EntityThick Profile ToolSnap Mid 2 PointsSheet ThickenRoof by WallsRelative AngleQuick Wall JustificationQuick Pull for surfacePrint Preview Zoom InPick Point HatchingPDF Underlay to ObjectMultiple Images SelectionMemory Status StringKeyboard ShortcutsIsolate ObjectsImport PDF ToolFlatten ToolFindExtents SizeDynamic PreviewDelete ConstructionCreate 2D3DS Filter Import Material3D Point Measure2D Entities: Lines and Circles 2D Entities Ellipses Arcs and Curves 2D Entities: Double and Multi-Lines Selecting 2D Entities (2D Selector) Modifying 2D Entities Snaps and Drawing Aides Making CopiesCreating Layouts Dimensions The TurboCAD User InterfaceGetting help in TurboCADDrawing a Line, Rectangle and Circle2D Modify ToolsTurboCAD Quick Start TutorialDimensionsSnapsMoving the Reference Point Using the SelectorModel Space and Paper Space3D PrimitivesExtrudes, Sweeps and SpinsWorkplanesCreating a Custom WorkspaceEntity Coordinate SystemsInstalling TurboCAD