TurboCAD Pro/Platinum Reviews

New Productivity Features for TurboCAD 2019

May 31st, 2019 by Susan Smith

DWG Translation Much Better Than Average

"I have used a number of other CAD programs and I believe TurboCAD's dwg translation is much better than average. I have even seen situations where TurboCAD salvaged drawings unopenable in AutoCAD (that were not created in TurboCAD)" - Joseph Milanese

A Bigger Bang for the Buck

"TurboCAD development has been quite dedicated in following AutoCAD’s functionality and offering a bigger bang for the buck." - AEC Magazine

 Compatibility with AutoCAD at a Far Lower Price

“In spite of having the latest versions of other mainstream CAD packages, [TurboCAD] is the first that I dive back into when I need to produce a quick drawing or model…it is so easy… TurboCAD has another major thing going for it, namely its compatibility with AutoCAD at a far lower price.

You can beef up the number of CAD seats you have in a company at a very reasonable rate. And, if you are a young designer on a limited budget, you can crack away knowing that your efforts will be accessible to your prospective manufacturers. What’s more the compatibility doesn’t just end with AutoCAD, as the software comes with over 40 different formats, greatly increasing its collaboration capabilities.”- David Chadwick

 TurboCAD Will Be a Key Part of My Business and My Success

"I purchased my first copy of TurboCAD (Version 7 Standard) in 2000 for hobby use. I was machining parts for radio-controlled cars in my garage and was looking for a more accurate method to design them. I hadn’t used CAD software before then, but was immediately hooked. Before long I upgraded to Version 8 Pro and started learning more about rendering. In 2005 the skills I had gained using TurboCAD earned me a fulltime job drafting plans for a local homebuilder. I learned AutoCAD on the job and have since gained a great appreciation of the tool set available in TurboCAD. I’m CAD Manager for the company I currently work.

For a long time now I’ve wanted to work fulltime growing my own business and on August 1st of this year that is what I’ll be doing. I know, who gives up a perfectly good job these days? Now TurboCAD will be a key part of my business and my success. Things have changed quite a bit for me since 2000. Who knows how different today would be had I not picked up that first copy of TurboCAD Standard?" - Brad Easterday

 Undoubtedly the Most Powerful CAD Program in Its Price Range

"TurboCAD is undoubtedly the most powerful CAD program available in its price range. PlanRoom Central has completed over 500 new residential homes, residential additions, and commercial projects with TurboCAD." - Matthew Snape

 I Rely on TCAD for All My Company's Drawings

"I rely on TCAD for all my company's drawings; as a result my own productivity is greater than the entire drafting department of my last company". - Roland Aldridge

 TurboCAD is Always, without a Doubt, My First Choice

"I just love how TurboCAD is an all-purpose CAD application. That means that I can meet the needs of most of my clients using this single product. I can switch from creating trade show booth designs one minute to any of the other things I do most days of the week. This includes mechanical designs for manufacture, furniture design and assembly instructions and even retail outlet store renders (interior and exterior).

The very best part is that TurboCAD has integrated render capabilities and I can experiment with materials right in my drawing and watch the changes live. I can even modify my models at the same time and see the updated changes as I work. I also find that TurboCAD is relatively easy to learn. It seems to be built with the general public in mind and, as such, is not insanely complex as some of the other more costly CAD applications are.

I have tried a number of CAD applications now just to compare and TurboCAD is always, without a doubt, my first choice. An awesome gift for the creative in all of us!" - Don Cheke

 I Found It Quite Easy to Learn

"I use TurboCAD 90% hobby and 10% work. I got into it with v8 standard, then v9 Pro and used Pro ever since, the only version I missed was v12.5. I found it quite easy to learn; I don’t use fancy stuff like xref’s, layersets, fancy lighting and only touched constraints occasionally - just never needed to learn them.

TC does everything I need: my work includes drawings for a 70 page gas fittings catalogue (35 double sided), a few street maps, and a couple of simple architecturally type drawings, but as I said 90% is hobby use and although I do put my gas drawings up at work I don’t get paid so it’s classed as hobby. I stick with TC as I feel comfortable with it, it’s basically a friendly program with everything logically set out [...] that does exactly what I want". - Andy H

 He was Totally Stunned by TurboCAD's Ability

"We recently had a chap from University come to work for us and he’d been using Solidworks & ProE – he was totally stunned by TurboCAD’s ability and ease of use". - Jonathan Glinn

 Rivals AutoCAD and VectorWorks

“I am the Technical Director at Omaha Playhouse, a producing theatre in Omaha, NE. We produce 10 shows per season, all drawn in TurboCAD. I mostly create shop drawings for the shop foreman and carpenters to use in construction of set pieces so almost all of the work I do is in 2D.

As busy as our season is, TurboCAD has increased my productivity immensely, and its ease of use has allowed changes on the fly when concepts or ideas change.

Prior to TurboCAD, everything was hand drafted. I bought my first copy of TurboCAD at an Office Depot store some years back. Each update has brought more power and tools to the program until it’s matured into a program that rivals AutoCAD and Vectorworks. Except it’s MUCH easier to learn and to use, and at much less the cost.

My archives show a count of 23,151 drawings I’ve created using TurboCAD. I could go on and on about the program but I won’t. I’m just a very satisfied customer who uses this program every workday.” - Don Hook

 I've Used TurboCAD for Countless Projects

"I've used TurboCAD for countless projects over the years. Some for profit, some not for profit and some for fun. Whether the need has been construction drawings, marketing materials, design work or just creative outlet, TurboCAD has always come through for me." - Brad Easterday.

 As a professional design engineer, TurboCAD won me over

"As a professional design engineer, TurboCAD won me over, not only because it is value for money, but also because of the high adaptability in 2D drafting as well as in the 3D design" - Matthias Bosse, Freelance Mechanical Design Engineer

TurboCAD Deluxe Reviews

Needs More than Adequately Met

"With its TurboCAD line, IMSI has been demonstrating for years that the drafting needs of many thousands of engineering and architectural professionals can be more than adequately met with software costing only a couple hundred dollars." - Dr. Joel Orr

 Impressed with Your Product

"I must say that I am totally impressed with your product. After reviewing the tutorial provided I was drawing professional quality drawings within minutes." - Dennis Fraser

 Impressive Range of Tools

"TurboCAD Deluxe provides an impressive range of tools at an extremely competitive price." - Cliff Joseph

 Bigger Bang for the Buck

"TurboCAD development has been quite dedicated in following AutoCAD’s functionality and offering a bigger bang for the buck." - AEC Magazine

 Power of Programs Priced in the High Hundreds

"The makers of TurboCAD have done a great job making the type of program (CAD) that I was intimidated by very easy to use. It has the power of other programs priced in the high hundreds if not thousands." - Robert Miller

 Very Impressive for the Price

Very impressive tool set for the price! - Chris Sikora

 A Great Starting Program at a Great Price

"I use TurboCAD 14 Deluxe and what I like about it is that in a few weeks I was able to draw in 3d. The forum help helped a lot to answer a lot of questions. And if I can learn to draw in 3d anyone can; I am over 60 with little computer skill. So it is a simple program in many ways. The price was right for someone just starting out. I would now like to upgrade to TurboCAD Pro because of the forum and what some of these great people can accomplish. But Deluxe is a great starting program at a great price."- Lefthander, TurboCAD Forum User

 An Impressive Range of Tools

"You will find that TurboCAD Deluxe provides an impressive range of tools at an extremely competitive price..." - AEC Magazine

 I Still Get Excited When I Think of Using TurboCAD

"I began using TurboCAD in 2002 and all these years later I still get excited when I think about using TurboCAD on a daily basis..." - Don Cheke

 DWG Translation Much Better Than Average

"I have used a number of other CAD programs and I believe TurboCAD's dwg translation is much better than average. I have even seen situations where TurboCAD salvaged drawings unopenable in AutoCAD (that were not created in TurboCAD)" - Joseph Milanese

 I Like TurboCAD Over Any Other CAD Program

“One of the things that I like the most about TurboCAD is the way you can assemble pieces and parts and things like that. I was getting into coffee tables and entertainment centers and what not. Those were easy with TurboCAD because of the assembling capabilities, unlike with AutoCAD that I couldn't figure out.

I like TurboCAD over any other CAD program out there.” - R. Lee Sellers

DesignCAD 3D Max Reviews

Wide Range of Capabilities

“[DesignCAD 3D Max] combines a wide range of capabilities into a small package for a reasonable price.” – Mike Hudspeth, Cadalyst Manufacturing

 No Templates, No Setup…

“DesignCAD is ideal for me, because I just open the program, and import from .dwg, or start drawing. No templates, no setup, I don't even have to pick my units first. I do have, but rarely use, AutoCAD, because it is so much more cumbersome.” – Rob S

 The Simplest, Most Efficient Way to Create 3D CAD Models

"I have been a professional user of CAD programs for over 20 years, and DesignCAD continues to give me the simplest, most efficient way to create my 3D CAD models.” - Miloslav Straka, President, New World Graphics.

 Amazed at How Easy It Was to Design

"As a new CAD software user, I had tried other CAD programs that were much too complicated for me. But, when I heard that DesignCAD comes with free e-mail technical support, I figured this was a great way to get started. After installing the software, I was amazed at how easy it was to design things, make changes and print my ideas. I was able to design a mock up of a room addition in less than 30 minutes.” - Charlene L

 I’m So Glad I Bought DesignCAD 3D Max

“I am so glad that I bought DesignCAD 3D Max. I was just making a print for a customer and realized (again) how thoroughly I enjoy the freedom from pencils and triangles!” – George W.

TurboFloorPlan User Reviews

Well Rounded, Easy to Use 2D/3D Program

"TurboFloorplan is a well rounded, easy to use 2D / 3D program that is versatile and customizable. It provides 2D representation of anything from a basic home to a fantasy project and also provides a variety of 3D viewing and display options.

Speed, accuracy, customization are available for the Design Phase of a project. Takeoffs, Shedules, Quantities, BIM, Plans, Elevations, Sections, Sites, Landscaping are all available for the Construction Phase of a project.” – Jack Zimmer

 TurboFloorPlan Is Worth Every Penny

"As a total amateur when it comes to CAD and special 3D I find TurboFloorPlan worth every penny, especially in combination with [the user forum]. The program itself is rather straightforward; if you take your time to read the manual most of your questions will be answered there. [...] When this is not enough, you can always get help from the TurboFloorPlan user forum". - Robert Wennerberg

 Low Cost and High Performance

"An excellent 3D architectural program that has a high value (i.e. low cost and high performance), is reasonably easy to use and produces good results with a low amount of effort. Works well with other programs (3D and other)." - Doug S

 What Could Be Easier?

"What I like about TurboFloorPlan, is the simplicity and speed with which you can create a 3D model of almost any building, decorate it, furnish it, walk through it, and produce photorealistic images that show you exactly how it will look.

You can model anything, from a garden shed to a city skyscraper. Simply click and drag to draw the walls, choose doors and windows and drop them into the walls. Choose a ceiling - one click inserts it, choose a roof and one click inserts that too, the floor is automatic and you are finished - what could be easier?" - Allan C

 A Powerful Tool for a Small Price

"I am an Architect / Designer and I can't think or design just using 2D drawings!! TurboFloorPlan provides immediate 3D visualization of a floor plan, or interior design ideas, or outdoor living. In addition, I can check the project's interferences before the real construction begins, showing the results and options in real time 3D.

It is, indeed, a powerful tool for a small price!" - Pat

 Clients Can See Exactly How It Will Look

"How do I use TurboFloorPlan? Apart from sometimes producing buildings just for fun, I create models of proposed churches and Assembly Halls, producing photorealistic images to show the decor in several different colours and styles. The local building committee then decides which one to use. TurboFloorPlan makes their decision easy, as they can see exactly how it will look." – Allan C.

 An Adaptable Program with Out-of-the-Box Simplicity

“IMSI TurboFLOORPLAN Home & Landscape Pro is an adaptable program with out-of-the-box simplicity for beginners and powerful design tools for advanced users. In less than an hour, I was able to create floor plans and an elevation drawing. With more time (and a careful study of the manual) I was able to add greater detail and more features to my project. Home & Landscape Pro can also help plan terrains, landscapes, interior rooms, and utilities.” - Jackie Craven,