Technology Partners - TurboCAD


Redway3dRedway3d S.A.S. is an independent software development company based in Paris, France. Redway3d was the first and still the sole company to offer a single API that covers all visualization needs from 2D to real-time 3D as well as photo-realistic rendering, with a run-time/royalty-free business model.

Siemens PLM Software

Siemens PLM SoftwareSiemens PLM Software provides software developers its world-class, market leading portfolio of PLM Components designed to be integrated quickly into modeling, simulation and manufacturing applications across a wide range of industries. TurboCAD Pro Platinum uses the D-Cubed(TM) 2D DCM, the industry standard geometric constraint solver for parametric sketching.

LightWork Design

LightWork DesignLightWorks is a leading supplier of integrated photo-realistic rendering for advanced 3D graphics applications, embedded in over 80 software applications and used by more than 2 million users. TurboCAD 3D applications for Windows can purchase a plug-in to add the LightWorks Rendering Engine and Materials library to their software.


SpatialSpatial Corp. is a market-leading provider of 3D software components for application developers needing to deliver innovative capabilities, maintain focus on core competencies, and reduce time-to-market for 3D software applications.

Open Design Alliance

TurboCAD Technology Partner - ODAThe Open Design Alliance is a non-profit technology consortium of 1200 member companies, working together to develop solutions for complex engineering design problems. IMSI Design is a Founding Member of ODA.