3D Modeling

TurboCAD® Pro supports both surface and solid modeling, and includes tools built on the 3D ACIS® Modeler (ACIS) from Spatial. It is the same engine used in 350 applications with more than 1.5 million seats worldwide, so you know you will have a standard format for interoperability.

TurboCAD Pro now uses R24 of ACIS for realistic, complex 3D object creation. This latest update is faster and more reliable than ever.

Information for objects include data crucial for engineers, such as Volume, Moment of Inertia, Center of Gravity, Surface Area, and more.

Solid modeling editing and modification tools include:

3d Modeling

  • Several Rail, Sweep, and Revolve functions
  • Facet and Edge modifiers
  • Extrusions and Lofts of Compound Profiles
  • Face-To-Face Lofting and Branch Lofting
  • Sectioning, Slicing, and Boolean operations

TurboCAD Pro supports Profile Editing, whereby a 2D profile, once created, can be used to drive the creation of a 3D object. In this way the shape of the 3D object may continue to be driven by the 2D object which may itself be driven by Constraints and Driving Dimensions through the Calculator Palette.

TurboCAD Pro also maintains a design history when its Part Tree feature is enabled. With the Part Tree, you may return to any procedural step in your design and make modifications without losing subsequent work. Think of it as a bit like a selective UNDO.

For more advanced Part Tree features, see TurboCAD Pro Platinum Part Tree.