Advanced Modification Tools in TurboCAD Platinum

TurboCAD Platinum includes powerful tools for modifying existing geometry.  These tools become even more powerful when combined with the Advanced Part Tree.


Create accurate bends measuring from a specific distance from the edge. Set the axis, angle, and radius and let TurboCAD do the rest.

 Bend Tool

Tube Bend Tool

Make cylinders incredibly flexible. Simply choose where you want to bend on the tube.


Bend by Sketch

Bend single or multiple flanges off of a sheet body using a 2D polyline as the profile.


Bend to Path

The Bend to Path tool and Part Tree operation can bend an ACIS® solid object along a line, arc, or curve.



Great for sheet metal and fabrication shops, creates an unfolded object, leaving the original object intact.


Unfold Face

Unfolds faces of various ACIS objects including cone, cylindrical, planar, and NURBS (Non-uniform rational B-spline) surfaces; even those with a filleted rectangle as the base. This is also knows as obtaining the involute of a surface. It’s great for working with materials like sheet metal or fabrics.


Facet Offset Tool

Move a facet in or out of its current position while updating all connecting surfaces.


Flange Tool

Rapidly creates flat and bent flanges using the Smart Dimensioning tool for precision.

 Tube Bend Tool

Tube Flange Tool

Simply extend a tube and bend it in a few clicks.


Stretch Entity

Stretch any ACIS solid along an arbitrary axis.


Extract Entity

Extract Entity tool allows extraction of edges and faces from a solid body with or without an offset.  It offsets sheet faces loop, and other objects.  Options include Extract edge from body, Extract/offset face from solid, Remove open gap from sheet body, and Offset face/planar face loop.