2D Drafting

2d cad software

What is 2D Drafting?

2D drafting, also called draughting, or technical drawing, is the creation of drawings for functional or technical purposes, along with the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in that creation.

2D drafting is used to show how something works, how it is assembled, how it is manufactured, etc.  It is used to illustrate both the whole of its given subject as well as its constituent parts. 2D drafting is used to demonstrate processes, methods and systems.

By convention 2D drafting uses a vocabulary composed of standardized:  symbols, markup, views, values, notation, styles, and organization to effectively disseminate information. Each industry makes its own contribution of standards to that vocabulary. These standards help to guarantee that technical drawings are clear, and easy to understand.

2D CAD Software

IMSI Design customers use computer-aided design (CAD) software for 2D drafting producing floor plans, technical drawings, electrical schematics, flow charts and more.  

2D drafting technology is included in all of our CAD packages, but we give our customers the option to purchase a 2D only CAD program if they don't need the 3D features.   New or novice CAD users typically learn 2D drafting before moving on to 3D modeling.  2D CAD programs are available from IMSI Design for Windows and Mac-compatible operating systems.