TurboCAD Mac

TurboCAD Mac includes TurboCAD Mac Pro, TurboCAD Mac Deluxe, and TurboCAD Mac Designer, also called TurboCAD Pro, TurboCAD Deluxe, and TurboCAD Designer in the Apple Store.  We offer free assistance troubleshooting unexpected software errors or behavior to owners of version 11, 10, 9, 8, or 7.

Why aren’t older versions supported?  The system requirements for older software are out of date, so the working environment cannot be duplicated by our technical support team. In most cases, issues are resolved by upgrading, and you are strongly encouraged to do so.  To request an upgrade quote, send an email to sales@imsidesign.com


Installation & Activation Help

If you have confirmed your system meets the minimum system requirements, call 1.415+483.8000, Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm Eastern Time for assistance. You can also email support@imsidesign.com with your product name, version, and any other information that might help our support staff diagnose the problem, and we will respond during business hours.


Updates and Patches

If you purchased your software from Apple, please log in to Apple Store and select updates.

Version 11 Updates

Pro: TurboCAD Mac Pro 11

DeluxeTurboCAD Mac Deluxe 11

Designer: TurboCAD Mac Designer 11

Version 10 Updates

Pro: TurboCAD Mac Pro 10

DeluxeTurboCAD Mac Deluxe 10

Designer: TurboCAD Mac Designer 10

Version 9 Updates

Pro: TurboCADMacPro9


Designer: TurboCADMacDesigner9

Version 8 Updates

Pro: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/v8/TurboCADMacPro8_1167_ESD.dmg

Deluxe: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/v8/TurboCADMacDeluxe8_1167_ESD.dmg

Designer: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/v8/TurboCADMacDesigner8_1167_ESD.dmg


Version 7 Updates

Designer 64 bit: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/v7/TurboCADMacDesigner764_1109.dmg

Deluxe 64 bit: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/v7/TurboCADMacDeluxe764_1109.dmg

Pro 64 bit: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/v7/TurboCADMacPro764_1109.dmg


Designer 32 bit: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/v7/TurboCADMacDesigner7_1028.dmg

Deluxe 32 bit: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/v7/TurboCADMacDeluxe7_1028.dmg

Pro 32 bit: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/v7/TurboCADMacPro7_1028.dmg


Version 6 Updates

Designer:  http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/v6/TurboCAD_Mac_Designer_2D_987_v62.dmg

Deluxe: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/v6/TurboCAD_Mac_Deluxe_987_v62.dmg

Pro: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/v6/TurboCAD_Mac_Pro_987_v62.dmg


Version 5 Updates

Designer: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/TurboCAD_Mac_Designer_2D_943_v5-1.dmg

Deluxe: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/TurboCAD_Mac_Deluxe_943_v5-1.dmg

Pro: http://downloads.imsidesign.com/TCMAC/TurboCAD_Mac_Pro_943_v5-1.dmg


TurboCAD Community Forums

Reach out to the vast community of TurboCAD users and our development team online through the community forums. Search topics to find answers to questions, or post questions for help. Visit http://tcmacforum.imsisupport.com/


Email and Telephone Support

Our dedicated team is available to assist you.  Before contacting us, please be prepared to provide:

  • Your product name, version number, and operating system
  • Description of the problem including any error message you might be receiving
  • Any other information that might help us diagnose the problem

Call 1.415.483.8000 Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm Pacific Time.  If lines are busy, we recommend that you email support@imsidesign.com. We will respond during business hours.