Advanced Design Tools

Thread Tool
A number of design tools are available in TurboCAD Pro Platinum for 3D solid and surface modeling. These tools can enable the creation of parts that might not have been entirely possible in some cases, or which would have been far more difficult to create. Among them are:

  • Graphic on Path Tool- Place graphics on any given path. Useful for lofts or arranging graphics including lines, splines, circles, arcs, or ACIS edges for solids & surfaces.
  • Thread Tool — Easily create threaded 3D objects. The pitch and height of threading are parametrically defined and editable.
  • Advanced Design Tools Screen 2Twisted Extrude — Create a wide variety of twisted extrusions with this simple extrude tool that offers added parameters including twist angle, distance type, normal, full height, twist to top, twist start distance, twist end distance, and twist continuity (G0, G1 or G2).
  • Extrude to Face — Now extrude or subtract a face of a solid to either another face of a solid or to a surface.
  • Parametric Holes with Boss Hole Type — Create parametric holes in objects in a few easy steps and modify the properties at any time including an option for easy parametric cylindrical bosses.Advanced Design Tools Screen 3
  • Imprint — Save up to 3 steps by optionally combining Booleans with the Extrude, Blend, and Chamfer tools in one single procedure. New dimple feature enhancement makes sheet metal work easier with this tool.