SMesh Tools / Sub-D modeling in TurboCAD Platinum

Smooth Surface Mesh (SMesh) 3D Modeling Tools

TurboCAD Platinum allows you to use existing 3D modeling tools like the Box and Sphere tool to create a smooth surface mesh (SMesh). Users can set values to specify the tessellation, or resolution, of the resulting SMesh. This form of 3D object creation allows for easier and more rapid creation of organic shapes. There is also a smoothness setting, and a number of editing tools for greater control over a 3D model.

Editing Tools for Smooth Surface Meshes

  • Moving - Move the edges and faces of SMeshes.
  • Crease - Pick an edge between contiguous faces and create a crease or sharp edge in a SMesh.
  • Refine Face - Subdivide any selected face or faces to create higher local resolution for modeling.
  • Merge Facets - Merge selected contiguous faces into a single face.
  • Extrude Face - Use this tool to extrude the face of a SMesh.
  • Extrude Face along a path – For faster, more precise control.
  • Split Face Tool – Allows for quick division of a SMesh faces for more precise definition of the area you wish to modify.