IMSI Design Affiliate Program

Make Money Recommending TurboCAD & Other IMSI Design Software!

If you are happy with your IMSI Design software, and a little resourceful, you can make a lot of money recommending these products to others. A personal website is an easy way, as is recommending our products through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more. There are many ways in which you could “sell” IMSI/Design products and earn extra cash! Your imagination is the only thing stopping you!

IMSI Design has teamed up with Commission Junction (CJ), a large, global affiliate network, to provide our customers and others with an easy way to sell our products online. As an affiliate with IMSI/Design, you will make 15% commission on all sales of IMSI Design products, including TurboCAD®, TurboFloorplan™, DesignCAD™ and DoubleCAD™. Plus, the IMSI Design Affiliate Program Manager regularly updates CJ with product artwork, banners, coupon codes, and exclusive discounts to make selling even easier!

To become an IMSI Design Affiliate Partner, please use the link below to sign up right away, or read on to find out more about Commission Junction and how our affiliate program works.

How it Works

As an Affiliate Partner with IMSI Design, you will earn 15% commission on every sale of IMSI Design products originating from your affiliate links. IMSI Design offers a 45 day cookie duration period, which means that as long as a user doesn’t clear their cookies you will get paid commission on sales taking place up to 45 days after the user first clicked on your links. Product price points generally range from $50 to $1,495, with an average order size of $150.

The IMSI Design Affiliate Program is easy to join, easy to set up, and easy to use. It is also completely free of charge. In order to track the commissions you are earning, you'll have access to detailed, real-time reporting through Commission Junction. Payments will be made to you through CJ on a monthly basis, as long as you meet the minimum payment level (generally $25).

Commission Junction

Commission Junction, a ValueClick company, is a large, global affiliate network providing a self-service solution for small to medium-sized affiliates to access a global network of publishers, educational resources, and sophisticated reporting tools. Other affiliate services are available at an additional cost, and include customization of affiliate marketing solutions, dedicated support for top-performing affiliates, as well as a fully managed search solution. Visit to learn more.

To join Commission Junction, please click the link above and fill out an online signup form. If you are already a member of CJ, you can apply for the IMSI/Design affiliate program from within your affiliate account. 

Need More Information?

For additional information regarding the IMSI Design Affiliate Program, please contact our Affiliate Program Manager, Sofia, at