Woodworking with TurboCAD

Tales of Success: The Master Carpenter
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I’ve loved doing woodworking... for well, more years than I’d care to recall, but I’m still challenged by some projects that I take on for my friends and customers. And yes, it's still just a hobby for me, but I also take pride in what I produce. That's why now I use TurboCAD for all my complex woodworking projects. Why? Well, first there's their companion products, like the complete training tutorials for TurboCAD by expert Don Cheke of Textual Creations. Each tutorial offers instructions for mastering TurboCAD Pro while creating some amazing designs. Then there's the TurboCAD Furniture Maker plug-in. It's unmatched for creating, furniture or any woodworking project in TurboCAD, and it lets you quickly design and edit custom cabinets, shelves, windows, doors… almost any kind of home or office furniture you can imagine. So I guess my next project will be creating a 'shingle' to tell the world I'm now a 'Master Carpenter'. Thanks TurboCAD!

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