Design Director

The TurboCAD® Pro Design Director is a palette that provides advanced controls for Layers, Layer Filters, creating Layer Sets, setting and saving Work Planes, controlling Named Views, and more. In particular, it streamlines work, enhancing productivity.

Layer management from the Design Director palette is fast and easy. It can remain always open, and provides numerous powerful tools for managing visibility, color, line widths, line styles, and more.

Design Director Screen 1Beyond standard layer management, using Layer Filters allows for quickly selecting all layers with any number of criteria as wild cards. For example, one filter can turn on visibility of only layers with “2ndFloor” included, and another with “Wall” as part of the name. TurboCAD also reads Layer Filters from other .DWG files so that working across applications is smooth. A powerful element of Layer Filters is that they work beyond file naming to include selecting layers by line style, pen width, print style, and more.

Layer Sets also can be created, and using either of these features lets you quickly change the visibility of large groups of layers with a single click. These filters and layer sets even include layers within externally referenced files, such as a .SKP, .DWG, or another .TCW file.

Design Director Screen 2Applications such as TurboCAD and AutoCAD® require an understanding of work planes and how to easily switch between work planes as an import part in productivity. Now you can simply set the User Coordinate System (UCS) by selecting a facet (one of 9 ways to set the UCS now), then save the UCS by name to a table in the Design Director, and from then on you can easily switch between different workplanes by selecting from a named list.

Another setting within the Design Director is control over the Named Views. Easily jump between views with a single click when the design director is open. Combine this with the power of setting the UCS and setting the 3D View by the Current UCS, and you can set perfectly aligned views to any workplane in the model.

These are just a few of the productivity advantages the Design Director palette provides.