Rendering in TurboCAD Windows

Rendering Screen 1TurboCAD provides several render modes in which to work, or present your designs. The powerful Redway3D® Redsdk engine utilizes the power of supported on-board GPU or graphics boards to speed design as much as 60 times faster, and offers smooth panning, zooming, and orbiting. It is most noticeable on larger models, whether 2D or 3D as long as they are viewed in wireframe mode. Most boards and GPUs should be supported, see system requirements for more information.

Render modes available include:
  • Wireframe, GDIRendering Screen 2
  • Wireframe, Redsdk — GPU accelerated
  • Hidden Line — for clean views and annotation
  • Draft — a shaded mode without materials, but using colors (see image at right)
  • Quality — high quality photorealistic rendering
  • Advanced — all options available for more refined management of rendering