Software Developers' Kit

TurboCAD Pro includes a Software Developers' Kit (SDK) that provides the capabilities to extend the functionality of the application. This includes the ability to develop new tools, functions, and plug-ins for use in TurboCAD Pro. Custom routines that are performed on a regular basis can now be automated. Specific tools for vertical applications can be created and added.
TurboCAD Pro includes a number of special tools that were created as SDK examples, with many new samples added to TurboCAD Pro 21. They can be found under the Add-Ons menu.

Documentation for the SDK has been updated. It includes support and samples of functions for the following environments:

  • Ruby Scripting
  • VB Script
  • VB6
  • 2008
  • Visual C++
  • C# 2008
  • and Delphi
  • .NET

There is a wiki as well as forum-based support for developing customizations. See the TurboCAD Community Forums for more information.

Ruby scripting language, compatible with Google SketchUp Ruby Scripts. It uses the Ruby Scripting Console for writing program scripts suitable for both mechanical and architectural design.