3D Drawing and Surface Modeling in TurboCAD Windows

3D Surface Primitives 

TurboCAD comes with a number of 3D primitives including Box, Rotated Box, Cone, Cylinder, Polygonal Prism, Sphere, Hemisphere, Torus, and Wedge.

2D & 3D Boolean Operations 

Use two existing objects and combined, subtracted, intersected, or sliced to create a new object. Select multiple entities for addition or subtraction.


Move a 2D object around a revolution axis to create a 3D object.  TurboCAD Pro Platinum also offers the ability to use a 2D profile to generate a revolve from the face of an existing 3D object and either add or subtract the result.

Simple Extrude

Pull complex 3D models from simple 2D shapes.  More advanced extrude options are available in TurboCAD Pro Platinum.


Extrude shapes along a path, perfect for drafting irregular objects.  

Chain Polyline 

Chain Polyline allows for faster design by allowing you to connect intersecting objects or portions of objects into a single polyline which can be then extruded, revolved, or swept.

3D Slice 

TurboCAD makes it easy to slice, or divide, one or more 3D objects into new objects, by specifying the slicing plane. The 3D slice tool offers the ability to slice by line, by plane, by workplane, by surface, and by facet.

Assembly Tools 

Axis, Facet, 3-Points, Tangents, Edge & Point

3D Helix 

This tool creates a curvilinear helix that can be used for creating springs and other helical elements.

3D Splines and Polylines 


Slot Tools

Three slot tools for inventors, woodworking and furniture design include slot, circular slot, and circular slot by center and radius.