TurboCAD 2021.1 Change Log

TurboCAD 2021.1 ( Change Log:

"Property" toolbar is missing from "tc_1024x768_classic" configuration
"Property" toolbar is missing from "tc_1024x768_classic" configuration
"Property" toolbar is missing from "tc_1024x768_classic" configuration
Arc is deformed after using Coincident Constraint
TC crashes after selecting the "Standard" from the Style Manager Palette
AEC Grid - Other values change after changing the value of "X Bay Size" from the SI Palette
Professional: Edit Selected Block Tool is not working
Please remove 'reproduction' from help dialog. It is showing two times.
Update online help URL.
Typos in the text of the user interface
Wrong text colour in Named View options dialog
Visualize. Visualize material missing on Slab
TurboCAD crashes after throwing unknown error when opening the attached dwg files
(32-Bit) :Failed to open message appears on opening the attached file.
UE appears after applying the "Stretch Entity" tool
DWG files cannot be opened with TurboCAD 2020 & 2021
TC2021 STL isn't imported
JoinPolyline tool is not working for the attached file.
Wrong timing for popup when installing TC
Layers disappear from Design Director randomly
Visualize. Component wall don't take the material from style in Visualize Draft
Visualize. Visualize is not available in 32 - bit installation.
Coordinates of the vertices (in the Selection Info Palette) are not updated after the copy/move operation.
Dimension jumps when exploding and does not get back
Deluxe - TC crashes on exploding the attached file
Joining the walls change the resultant wall's orientation