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TurboSite Pro

The site visit and fieldwork app you've been looking for.

Subscriptions for TurboSite Pro, both Monthly and Annual, may be purchased via In App Purchasing (IAP) options available in free TurboSite Standard.


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  • Draw rough shapes with your fingertips and TurboSite will automatically refine to accurate circles, rectangles, polygons, and orthogonal lines
  • Rotate, make parallel, create rhombus, grip edit to make corners 90 degrees
  • Ellipse grip to convert to circle
  • Smoothly create practically any shapped revision cloud, including L-shapes

Redmark tools-Markup 2D and 3D objects using:

  • Line
  • Circle
  • Rectangle
  • Revision Cloud
  • Highlighter
  • Multiline Text (including 15 degree polar rotation for more precise placement)
  • Rectangular multiline text box and leader
  • Snap to Objects, Rotation (including a magenta node), and Control Points

Inquiry tools:

  • Distance/Dimension (including 15 degree polar rotation)
  • Video
  • Angle
  • Perimeter
  • Area

Other Mark-up Highlights:

  • Layer Manager - Turn layers on/off; invert layers; turn all layers on/off; display on/off status; sort layers by name
  • Layout support - View model space and paper space layouts in your drawing
  • Create screen shots of drawings and markups
  • Mark-ups can also be added to 2D and 3D PDF files (an industry first)