TurboCAD Mac Designer 2D v10 and Training Bundle

TurboCAD Mac Designer 2D v10 Bundle

TurboCAD Mac Designer 2D v10 and Training Bundle

Easy 2D CAD, Plus Training

TurboCAD Mac Designer 2D v10 and Training Bundle combines precision 2D drafting and design with complete training to boost your knowledge and skill.  It's everything you need to quickly create floorplans, technical illustrations, charts, and more, then share or present your work.


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Easy 2D CAD, Plus Training

The TurboCAD Mac Designer v10 Bundle combines precision 2D drafting and design with step-by-step audio video training at a special price. Take advantage of all the easy-to-use features in TurboCAD Mac Designer with this valuable bundle.

TurboCAD Mac Designer v10

TurboCAD® Mac Designer v10 is the all-purpose 2D drafting and design solution that lets you easily share data with common file formats. It’s perfect for architects, engineers, designers and more.

  • Easy-to-Learn & Use – A multi-step setup wizard, context sensitive help, customizable toolbars, and flexible print options enhance usability.
  • Complete 2D Drafting & Editing Tools – Access intuitive 2D drafting and editing tools to quickly layout designs. Snaps and alignment aids ensure accuracy. Speed design with over 7,000 pre-drawn symbols you can simply drop into your design.
  • Simplified Home Design – Easily create floor plans or choose from 500 included pre-drawn plans. Insert parametric doors and windows into self-healing, auto-dimensioning walls with precise placement.
  • Layers and Layer Sets – Organize your design so you can turn on or off just the information you need.
  • CAD & Graphic Compatibility – Get support for popular industry-standard file formats including AutoCAD® 2016 .DWG/ .DXF, JPEG, Adobe® EPS and Illustrator, PICT, Spline, and more.

TurboCAD Mac 2D Training Essentials

Complete your understanding of 2D drafting and design. This audio video training course picks up where the in-product tutorial videos leave off to complete your 2D CAD education.

Review the user interface and how to set design preferences. Discover valuable, time-saving short cuts and watch as each 2D drawing tool is demonstrated from the design tools through to the transformation tools and layers. Learn about import and export options to share your work with other popular design software, see valuable printing tips and more.

Designer Key Features

Complete Set of 2D Drafting Tools

TurboCAD Mac offers a large selection of 2D tools, so that no matter the situation you’ve got access to the right tool for the job. Included you’ll find line, arc and curve tools. Plus access circle, ellipse, polygon, and spline tools, including the freehand spline and fair spline tools that offer greater control. You will also find power text and dimensioning tools, fillet and chamfer tools, as well as 2D modifier and transformation tools.

Drafting Assistant & Snaps

The Drafting Assistant thinks like a drafter. It automatically knows where construction lines are typically wanted and displays them temporarily when necessary. Combine with snaps to quickly locate x, y coordinates, tangents and perpendiculars, and you’ll be able to quickly layout floorplans, diagrams and more.

500 Floor Plans

Start from scratch or choose from any one of these pre-designed floor plans you can customize to make each one your own.

Over 7,000 2D symbols and parts

Choose from thousands of parts and symbols to effortlessly add to your design including electrical, mechanical, bathroom, kitchen, construction, LAN, CMOS, doors, windows, counters, fasteners, HVAC and more. Use the symbols browser to quickly locate just what you need, enhanced with symbol filenames.

Advanced Editing

Select an object and easily change the geometry in the Edit Objects window. All values appear as whole numbers or decimals and can be entered in any units desired.

Layers and Layer Sets

Use layers to organize your design and create layer sets, making it easy to visually turn on and off appropriate visual aspects of a model for easier editing. The number of layer sets is virtually unlimited, layers can be assigned to as many sets as necessary, and sets can be recursively nested.

Block Manager

Create, edit and manage Blocks in the Block Manager. A block preview window is included.

Architectural Design Tools

Smart walls - TurboCAD Mac’s self-healing walls automatically join, intersect, and update to speed design. Walls can be set to auto trim wall vertices and intersections, and allow for assignment of a hatch pattern and color.

Parametric Doors & Windows – Choose from 3 door styles (Single, Single Standard, or Double) and 3 window styles (Overlapping Sill, Standard Sill and Tight Sill) to drag-and-drop into a wall, and TurboCAD Mac will automatically create an opening in the wall. Users can offset the door or window a prescribed distance from the end of the wall for precise placement, and now control the swing direction of the doors.

Complete File Compatible & Conversion Options

Easily import your graphic designs files into TurboCAD and turn them into precision CAD drawings with dimensions. Just as easily, you can export technical drawings from TurboCAD into desktop publishing formats, perfect for use in brochures and all other marketing materials.

Import or export from these popular formats: AutoCAD® DWG/DXF, JPEG, Adobe® EPS (export only), Adobe® Illustrator, BMP, PICT, Spline (import only), TEXT, and Claris CAD (import only)

You can also use TurboCAD’s powerful batch conversion tool to convert single images or groups of images to other file formats.

Printing & PDF

Use Model to Sheet to create page layouts to view and print your design with up to 4 different angles on a single page. Additionally, TurboCAD Mac offer control over text size, dimension text size, and more. Users can also save designs as single or multi-page PDFs in standard or custom sizes for sending via email. You can even print large, data intensive files with poster size clarity./span>

Designer New Features


Bill of MaterialsUpdated BOM Dialog

Creating a Bill of Material (BOM) now has options for specifying the following table settings:

  • Font Type
  • Font Size
  • Number of Decimals

New Customizable Context MenuCustomizable Context Menu

The Context Menu displayed on right clicking in the empty drawing area displays a variety of useful commands. Now with TurboCAD Mac v10, you can add your favorite commands to this menu.

New Copy Keep Original Layer OptionCopy Keep Original Layer

A new Copy Keep Original Layer option will preserve the original layer with the copied object for the transform tools of Translate, Rotate, Scale, and Mirror. The default behavior assigns the current work layer.

New Draw View Type for Easy Scaled PrintsDraw View Type for Easy Scaled Prints

Draw Views are now only dependent on the viewing area and layers. This is a change from previous versions where populating a New Draw View was accomplished by cutting and pasting objects. Additionally, new tools are introduced to dynamically pan and zoom the viewing area within a Draw View.

New Selection Tools

New Lasso Select tool option,, allow for more efficient workflow and management of your CAD drawings.

Improved Gripper Tool

The Gripper Tool now offers an auto sizing update


Updated Interoperability Components (IGES, STEP,SAT)

Precision data translators were developed by the world’s foremost expert in Interoperability—Dassault Systems (creators of CATIA & SolidWorks). 3D Interop integrates advanced features such as Geometry Repair, Topology Repair, and Tolerance Resolution.

Updated DWG Support

The DXF and DWG translator technology in TurboCAD Mac is powered by the OpenDesign SDK, used by hundreds of CAD/CAM companies for compatibility with AutoDesk products. TurboCAD Mac v10 includes an updated SDK as well as these improvements:

  • Draw Views now use layers
  • Dimension text position updates
  • Dynamic Panning in Draw Views
  • Dynamic Zoom in Draw Views

Training Key Features

TurboCAD Mac 2D Training Essentials

This audio video training course picks up where the in-product tutorial videos leave off (assessable via Help | Tutorials). Whether you’re new to CAD or just want a refresher course, the videos in TurboCAD Mac 2D Training Essentials make it easy to master 2D CAD drawing and drafting in TurboCAD Mac Designer, Deluxe, or Pro.

Assuming users have reviewed the in-product tutorial videos, we review the user interface and how to set design preferences. Discover valuable, time-saving short cuts and watch as each 2D drawing tool is demonstrated giving a solid overview of the entire 2D product from the design tools through to the transformation tools and layers. Round off your education with a review of the menu options for managing your work. Learn about import and export options to share your work with other popular design software, see valuable printing tips and more.

Topics covered include: 

  • User Interface Overview
  • Logicursor and Snaps
  • Line Tools
  • Arc & Circle Tools
  • Polygon Tools
  • Spline Tools
  • Architectural Tools
  • Selecting Objects 
  • Layer Management
  • Editing Geometry 
  • Modifying 2D Objects
  • Transformation Tools
  • Annotation Tools
  • Dimension Tools
  • Symbols
  • Printing and Layout
  • Attributes and BOM

System Requirements

TurboCAD Mac System Requirements:

Macintosh® OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11(El Capitan), and 10.12 (Sierra) Intel® Mac®, 8 GB of hard disk space, 4 GB RAM or greater, Mouse Pointing Device (wheel button recommended).  Compatibility not guaranteed for later operating systems.

TurboCAD Mac supports Apple’s 64 bit architecture. The result is smoother workflow, faster drawing display and manipulation, and the ability to work with parts and models of nearly any size. To find out if your Mac uses the 64 bit kernel and can support the 64 bit version of TurboCAD Mac please visit the following link:

Mac OSX 64 bit


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