Select by Similar - Select objects with shared or similar properties tool

Published : 04/20/2019 02:51:58

A powerful new tool that allows you to select any 2D or 3D object type or a Block and then find all occurrences of that in the drawing.  Very detailed selections can be made that include parameters such as pen color and style, brush color and style, layer, even the selected object’s coordinate system. A great tool to use in conjunction with making further global changes to that selected object.

To Use:

  • Select an object in the drawing

  • Then go to the Edit menu and choose Select by Similar:

  • After choosing Similar, a new Dialog box will appear which will let define which of the selected object’s parameters will be selected:

Result: All the objects that are on the same layer as the selected object will be selected automatically.

Note: This command is only accessible after you have selected an object.

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