The lighting-fast mobile app to review markup, highlight, and measure 2D/3D CAD and PDF documents.


Overview | New Features 

TurboReiviewReview, Markup and Measure 2D/3D CAD and PDF Documents

TurboReview is a lightning-fast drawing and document viewer, mark-up, measure and translate app based on award-winning TurboViewer.

Enjoy smooth multi-touch navigation as you pan, zoom and 3D orbit around documents effortlessly in a wide variety of visual styles that enhances viewing.

Extensive redline markups, annotations and measurements happen in both 2D and 3D.

Includes innovations such as ‘always facing text’ (assures annotations are readable at any viewing angle) and arrow leaders that snap to orbiting 3D objects.

Completely optimized for mobile, TurboReview is the easy-to-use app for all of your daily review, markup, measurement and translation needs.

Markup and Make Measurements


  • Markups- Highlight important features. Draw, shapes, lines, clouds and text.
  • Measurement- Measure, length angle, area and perimeter. Modify dimensions as-built.
  • 2D Viewing- View 2D CAD drawings and PDF’s. Pan and zoom. Saved views can be accessed as well.
  • BIM Data- View BIM data from Revit DWF’s
  • Layouts- View model and papersapces. Any layouts saved in the drawing can be viewed in TurboReview.
  • Layers-Toggle layers on and off. A special markup layer is created to store any markups added to the drawing.
  • 3D viewing- View 3D CAD drawings and models. Pan, zoom orbit in a variety of visual styles including wireframe, hidden line, x-ray, greyscale and shaded. Standard isometric views and perspective views are available.
  • Always Facing Text- Regardless of your view, text added from our markup tools will always be visible and readable.
  • Cut Plane- Create sectional views to peer inside 3D models and architectural drawings.
  • Export- Share markups and measurements with other TurboApps users. Export your markups as DWG to XREF in desktop CAD applications. Capture and share screenshots.
  • Native Viewing- View TCW, DWG, 2D/3D PDF, PNG and JPEG
  • STEP, STL, STP, and WRZ through cloud conversion. After the file has been converted it can be viewed remotely.


For support with any of our TurboApps products, email turboapps@imsidesign.com